*********2021 Outdoor Market Opens May 4th********

About the Market

  We will be a walk in market this year!


We’re so excited to launch a new market season and see all of our wonderful friends shopping the market. In the on-going interest of your safety, the market team will continue to smile and greet you from behind our face masks.  We’re looking forward to bringing you the best our terrific vendors have to offer!

Our plan is to return to processing credit cards, accepting SNAP/EBT and dispersing Produce Perks.  But stay tuned!  Sometimes our best laid plans need to change!

See you at the market!

The Loveland Farmers’ Market will enrich and strengthen our community by providing a venue where locally grown and produced items are regularly made available. Patrons can meet the farmers that grow the food placed on their tables and learn sustainable and alternative ways of living     and consuming locally.

The Market is currently contracting with the best local producers in the area. All items must be grown and/or produced within one hundred miles of Loveland, Ohio and sold by the grower or producer of the products. In addition, there will be an educational emphasis and entertainment at the market as well.

To learn more or to become part of the excitement of the Farmers’ Market, please email us.